Pashmina Neck Scarves



Pashmina Neck Scarves


Pashmina Neck Scarves

  • Available in Black, Ruby Red, or Sand *limited quantity available
  • 60% Cashmere with 40% Silk Blend
  • 12x60"

A luxurious blend of cashmere and silk, Pashmina is thought to be the softest fiber found in nature, becoming softer with each use. This exotic wrap is so light, yet incredibly warm, and perfect for all occasions.

The Persian word for wool, Pashmina comes from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat "Capra Hircus aka Chyangra."  Thriving in their natural habitat mountain range at altitudes of 12,000 feet or more in South Asia, these hardy animals bring us this most luxurious feeling wool just once a year when their undercoat hairs are sheared. These animals are not harmed in any way and will continue to grow new hair year after year!   For over a thousand years, cashmere has been considered a sign of pride & royalty and now we bring these to you at affordable prices.  These sophisticated wraps are hand made especially for Caribbean Wraps International by a family owned business in Nepal!  Family to Family!

We believe this 60/40 blend provides the finest softness combined with long lasting quality, as "too much cashmere causes strand separation and too much silk detracts from the softness." per manufacturer**

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Black, Ruby Red, Sand


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